Bill "Dolt" Feuerer

Bill "Dolt" Feuerer

Dolt, circa late 1950's. Glen Denny and Jerry Gallwas corrected me in identifying Dolt. I had thought it was Mark Powell because he was known for wearing a similar hat. Apparently this hat style was popular in the late "50's.



Dolt in Camp 4. Note the umbrella clipped to his waist.



Mark Powell and Warren Harding in Camp 4, 1957. Note the similar hat.

Harding and Powell rappelling off the Nose of El Capitan during the first effort on the first ascent in 1957. Photo by Bill "Dolt" Feuerer.

Dolt on an early attempt of the Nose of El Capitan in 1957. Dolt designed and fabricated much of the equipment used on the Nose. Photo by Al Steck.