Dolt Patents and Drawings

Dolt Patents and Drawings

Bill "Dolt" Feuerer's mail box. Dolt was well known for his fine craftmanship of climbing equipment in the 1960's. He was a prolific designer and manufacturer. Dolt was a genius ahead of his time. Click on the picture to see some of his patents, drawings and a couple photos.

Mark Powell, Dolt and Warren Harding in Camp 4, 1957.

This photograph of Dolt was taken on 11/04/1957

Cover sheet for one of Dolt's patents

Patent for a vertical piton.

Dolt RURP patent.

Hammer holster patent.

Dolt hook patent that he marketed as the Dolt Cobra Hook.

Dolt Arrow patent.

Another Arrow patent.

Eye patent for bolts and pitons. The unique D shape of the eye reduced leverage and allowed two carabiners to be attached to it.

Dolt went international.

Production control drawing for a removable bolt hanger.

Production control drawing for a Dolt pulley.