Lower Cathedral Spire

Lower Cathedral Spire

Richard Leonard, Jules Eichorn and Bestor Robinson on the summit of Lower Cathedral Spire during the first ascent on Labor Day weekend, 1934.

While the men are climbing Lower Cathedral Spire, three men, Herbert B. Blanks, Elliot Sawyer, and Boyton S. Kaiser complete the second ascent of Higher Cathedral Spire
using the pitons left in place by the first asent team four months
previously. The Higher Spire team take pictures of Leonard, Eichorn,
and Robinson on the top of Lower Cathedral Spire before descending.

Lower Cathedral Spire topo showing the crux of the route and the piton placements used on the Flake pitch during the first ascent on Labor Day 1934. This page was in the Lower Cathedral Spire notebook that Richard Leonard donated to the Yosemite Climbing Association in 1993.

Bestor Robinson climbing and Richard Leonard belaying on the crux Flake pitch during the first ascent of Lower Spire, 1934.

Bestor Robinson nearing the top of the Flake pitch.


Jules Eichorn sitting on the summit. Note the hemp rope by his feet.