Lunch Ledge, 1933

Lunch Ledge, 1933

This page was scanned from the Higher Cathedral Spire Notebook. Two of the photos are from Yosemite's historic first modern roped climb, Lunch Ledge. The other photo is from Higher Cathedral Spire and it was attempted the day after Lunch Ledge was climbed. The climbers used 10" hardware nails to stand on for direct aid. They retreated due to the nails bending on the significantly steeper Higher Cathedral Spire. Eichorn, Leonard and Robinson realized they needed to order real pitons from Sporthaus Schuster, a mountain shop in Munich. They saved money during the winter of 1933/1934 purchased some before their next attempt. The page above is broken down into three sections for easier viewing.



Pitons from Munich

Sporthaus Schuster is very proud being mentioned as a part of YCA-history.
Schuster still is one of the most outstanding mountaineering suppliers in the world.
For almost 1oo years and still in family ownership.
Best regards from Munich!