RCS Articles and Letters From the Early Days

RCS Articles and Letters From the Early Days

Rules and Regulations.

Meeting Minutes.



After the Higher Spire.


 The beginnings of a guidebook.


Letter to Robert Underhill who introduced rope techniques to the California climbers.

 Robert's letter to Richard Leonard written the same day.

The Ten Commandments of the RCS. Some things haven't changed too much.

Some things weren't made to be public. More to follow.

This is the roster of RCS climbers that participated in the historical first roped climbing trip in Yosemite Valley. Lunch Ledge on Washington Column was climbed during this trip and the next day was the first attempt on Higher Cathedral Spire. They used 10" hardware nails instead of pitons for direct aid. The nails worked fine on the lower angled Lunch Ledge but bent when stood upon on the significantly steeper Higher Cathedral Spire. It was decided that (Leonard, Eichorn and Robinson) real European pitons were needed before trying Higher Cathedral Spire again.