Turned down $20,000 sponsorship for Facelift

I turned down a potential $20,000 sponsorship because they wanted to promote bottled water. They were disappointed and a little upset. I feel promoting bottled water is encouraging the wrong message especially in Yosemite which has some of the best tap water in the world. A lot of what we clean up during the Facelift is empty plastic water bottles. I would have accepted their offer if they would have brought a water station to encourage the use of sustainable containers. I think that the bottled water companies need to move in this direction for the future. This will make it a little harder to finance the Facetift(Don't worry I will find some funding). I hope you feel the same and agree with me for holding my ground.



When did we ever start drinking bottle water?  It's turned into the social norm.  My family rarely drinks bottled water because my dad who was a chemist for a water pollution control plant brought us up knowing that all of our (Bay Area) drinking water comes from the best place on earth, the Sierras.

well done

difficult choice I'm sure but well met. I appreciate your decision very much, totally agree, am grateful for your advocacy.

Good for you!

Good for you! You are exactly right, the water there is fine and money isn't a good reason to send the wrong message.

hey there say, ken... it is

hey there say, ken... it is me, neebee... finally!!! trying again to see i can get my computer and my post in here... :)
you already know i feel you did good, on this matter, as to the funding...
well, this is just a practice post... all for now...
god bless.. :)

I think that's great!

Thanks for holding your ground with the bottled water company. 
How ignorant of them to even ask you to represent them at this event!
I'm sure this will be another great cleanup, just like all the other years, with many other great sponsors!