Welcome to new YCA website.

Ken Yager (not verified)

I have started adding photos with some information. To see that information just click on the text below the photo and it will come up with a larger image. Anyone that is logged in can add a comment. I would like to use this website to gather historical information. A Stories section has been added to display writings from various people. Bear with us as content is added. It is time consuming.
Let us know what you think and what you would like to see to make the site better.
Thank you,
Ken Yager

nelsondl (not verified)

Great site in many ways. Might make a suggestion: the real estate on a website (space) is very precious, esp the part at the top. Currently there is just a large expanse of blank grey. This is not good. Try something with graphics, like this

Ken Yager
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Thanks David, I am still trying to figure out how this stuff works.



Ken Yager


Great work, keep it up. I love returning back to this site and reading the quality content you always have on offer.

A. Crowley (not verified)

The logo photo looks suspiciously like Chuck Goldman, and he appears to be wearing my shades.

abraxax (not verified)

Thank you, very interesting to read, you should be proud of your site. I was really enjoying to check your posts from time to time.