Yosemite Facelift 2010 a Success. Here are the Results

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the 7th annual Yosemite Facelift.

Your support has turned this event into the largest volunteer event in the National Park system.

We had check-in stations in Tuolumne Meadows and at Crane Flat on Friday, Saturday and Sunday along with the Visitor Center check-in during the five-day effort. 1,001 unique volunteers signed up gathering 172,307 lbs of trash. Slightly over 140,000 lbs gathered was asphalt and concrete found in an old dumpsite near Cathedral Beach which was trucked out for recycling. On the bright side, many of the areas that we have been cleaning over the years are a lot cleaner than when the Facelift was started. We have been taking on special projects to clean problem areas besides sprucing up the rest of the Park.

Over 160 miles of roadway and turnouts were cleaned up. 100 + miles of trails and 20 miles of river corridor was also cleaned. Everything was sorted and over 80% was recycled. Some of the special projects included the Cathedral Beach dumpsite, the ledge system below Glacier Point, an old weather station above Tunnel View, the area below the Tunnel View cliffs, removal of coiled phone line by Daff Dome and removal of an old paved road by Tuolumne Grove.

The Facelift started off with an evening program on Tuesday at the East Auditorium. Brittany Griffith provided her presentation and Jeff Johnson introduced his new movie 180˚ South.







     Volunteers getting ready to go out

















  Royal Robbins and friends     

On Wednesday Royal Robbins started off the evening program with Kate Rutherford following.

Thursday night we showed the ever popular Reel Rock Film Tour for the fifth year in a row.

Friday night we featured programs by local climbers. James Lucas started the evening off and Cedar Wright followed with his show.

A special thank you to New Belgium Brewing Company who provided the beer. Redwood Creek provided wine for the evening programs. Thanks to Bill Rosenberg for hooking us up with Peets coffee and for his tireless effort making sure there was fresh coffee every morning and evening.

















On Saturday, Dan Wilson and the Chinquapin All Stars played music outdoors in front of the East Auditorium.

Sunday night the Facelift participants were rewarded with dinner provided by DNC. Superintendent Don Neubacher spoke to the crowd before the final raffle. Then we danced to Dan Wilson and the Chinquapin All Stars till Midnight.










                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ed Hoffberg, Dan Wilson, Dave Stewart and Jeff Elliott

































   A happy crowd ready for an evening program








I would like to thank all of our sponsors that provided raffle prizes and for their support. We had a children's and adult raffle each of the five days. There were some really nice prizes this year and many happy winners.






















                                                                                                                                      Tossing t-shirts and chalk bags to the crowd































                                                                                                                     Getting ready to do a raffle
































                                                                                                                       Jimmy Chin taking photos for National Geographic


                                                   John Stannard received the Facelift Volunteer of the Year award. It took several people to make sure he was present to receive the award. He wanted to keep working.













































                                                                                                                                                                                                    John Stannard the amazing Facelifter

Thank you Tami Knight for the special art work for this year's T-shirt. They were very popular.                                                                                                                                                  

Tami's awesome t-shirt art work


Of special note, Caltrans cleaned highway 395 to Tioga Pass. It would be great to clean all the highways to the Park entrances during the Facelift. Imagine how nice it would be to see cleaner and cleaner roadways as you arrive to a sparkling Park.

Next year's Facelift will start with an evening program on Tuesday September 20th and the cleanup will start Wednesday September 21st and going through Sunday September 25th.

We hope you can join us. See you next year.

There are so many people that help every year and we can not do this without your help.

Thank you so much. You are the best!

The following is a list of all the sponsors that generously donated items for the raffles and also several helped financially with the event. Thanks for making the Facelift so special.

National Park Service, DNC Parks and Resorts at Yosemite, American Alpine Club,

The Sanctuary, Mountain Hardware, La Sportiva, Bill Sterling and Jetboil, Sender Films,

New Belgium Brewing Company, Misty Mountain, Redwood Creek, Nau, REI,

Mountain Tools, Patagonia, Black Diamond, The North Face, Access Fund,

Red Chili/Wild Country, Bluewater, Clif Bar, Evergreen Lodge, Julia Parker, SNAC,

The Vershke Group, Kleen Kanteen, Peets Coffee, Sierra Nevada Conservancy,

Prana, Evolv, Oakley, Teva, Marmot, Sketchers, Magnolia Pictures, Dope Miller,

Slackline Brothers, Wired Bliss, Metolius, Five Ten, Yarts, Horny Toad, Sals,

Stonemaster, Happy Burger, The Yosemite Conservancy, The Ansel Adams Gallery,

Pinnacle Capital Management, NikWax, California Coastal Commission,

National Environmental Education Foundation, Patagonia of Palo Alto, The Mountaineers,

The Great Western Power Company, Touchstone Climbing.


Here are some more random photos


































                                                                                                                    The trash



Cleaning the top of El Capitan                                                                                                  Photo by Eric Sloan

      Cleaning the base of Nevada Falls   

                                      After cleaning the bottom of Nevada Falls

              An evening program

   Aaron and Amy our friends from New Belgium Brewing Company


                                  Don Reid and Ken Yager



                                        Rick's score


                                 The trash pile is growing


                         Heather and Lindsey


                      Kate, Dean and Whisper


                                              Yosemite's next top idol?


                             Ruby Jane


                          Jim and Scott making a child's day


                       Katie, Mike, Kate and Ed


                                     Ken and Ruby


                                    James and Cedar


                     Signing in


                                            The awesome bartending crew


                                  The check in area


       Are we having fun ?


                                                     Royal Robbins

                Signing in


                                         Weighing in