Turned down $20,000 sponsorship for Facelift

I turned down a potential $20,000 sponsorship because they wanted to promote bottled water. They were disappointed and a little upset. I feel promoting bottled water is encouraging the wrong message especially in Yosemite which has some of the best tap water in the world. A lot of what we clean up during the Facelift is empty plastic water bottles. I would have accepted their offer if they would have brought a water station to encourage the use of sustainable containers. I think that the bottled water companies need to move in this direction for the future. This will make it a little harder to finance the Facetift(Don't worry I will find some funding). I hope you feel the same and agree with me for holding my ground.

Ed Koskinen


He was new to climbing in 1938 and WWII ended his rock climbing career. He lived to a ripe old age of 93. The following photos came from the Ed Koskinen collection.

Jim Bridwell gear


This slider nut prototype was made by Jim Bridwell. Click on the title to see more photos.

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